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Top 10 Comic Book Vigilantes

March 23, 2011 by darkanon · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

#10 3D Man-  3D Man is one of the least known superheroes of the Marvel universe, and for a good reason.  His power allows him to summon up a 3D image of his dead brother who has 3 times the strength of a normal person.  While his brother is active, he falls into a coma like state and cannot move.  He was called upon to stop crime, like fighting against the Hulk, but later retired.  Even though he is not widely known, his sub par powers and name have earned him a spot on the top ten superheroes

#9 Iron-man – Tony Stark had always been a genius, and when he created a suit of armor to sustain his life, a new super hero was born.  With a person of superior intellect encased in a nearly indestructible exoskeleton with the ability to shoot out lasers from his chests and hands along with many other functions, a person would imagine he could defeat any enemy, but is still defeated on many occasions. 

#8 Aquaman-  Aquaman is the ruler of the seas and a founding member of the Justice League, and fights crime and defends the oceans and the creatures living in it.  He possesses superhuman abilities, but most of them require water, and even if they do not, he cannot be out of water long or he starts to lose power.  While most of the world is water, technically making him ruler of most of the world, not much seems to happen in the water, so his effectiveness can be somewhat limited.

#7 Nightcrawler- Nightcrawler is the spawn of Satan.  Literally.  He was born from the mutant named Azazel, a mutant from biblical times resembling our modern image of the devil.  Even though he shares his dad’s general looks, he fights to defend mutants and humans and tries to promote peace between the two with his fellow mutants in the X-Men.

#6 The Hulk- The Hulk, being a creature fueled by rage, sometimes would cause as much or more harm than he did good.  Breaking and destroying everything in his path, and only being able to put together sentences with two or three words like a toddler, the Hulk smashed his way into our hearts and onto this list.


#5 Daredevil- A superhero that could have also been named Batman, Daredevil is a blind lawyer who basically uses a form of echolocation to move around.  All of his other senses are enhanced, and he fights crime through both his formal occupation and his life as a vigilante, though he does not belive in lethal force, unlike one of his rivals, The Punisher.

#4  The Punisher-  When his family was murdered by the mafia police officials refused to do anything about it, ex marine Frank Castle became The Punisher.  Using his extensive military training, he fights injustice by filling his enemies full of lead.  This however has made him seem like a criminal to many, even though he still tries to serve the public as he sees fit.

#3 Superman – Superman came to Earth from his home planet of Krypton, and though he did not have any powers there, the yellow sun of Earth gave him powers, making him almost god-like.  He gained superhuman strength, is pretty much invulnerable, has the ability to shoot heat rays from his eyes, can fly, and many other powers.  His one major weakness though is pieces of his home planet.  Even though his planet exploded millions of miles away from Earth, there seems to be an abundance of it on the planet and his enemies always seem to have a piece of it with them. 

#2 Thor- The mighty god of thunder was cast down from Asgard, the city of the gods, by his father Odin, and upon being reunited with his hammer Mjolnir, became not only a hero to the gods, but also to humans.  Time and time again he saved both Earth and Asgard, and even ruled over Earth for nearly 200 years.  At the end of his reign, he realized what a tyrannical ruler he had been, so he went back in time to stop himself from becoming ruler of the Earth.  Even though he defended Earth, even from himself, he was a god, which is why he is ranked at #3

#1 Batman-  Batman is one of the most impressive vigilantes in the comics.  He has no super powers, so he has to rely on his martial arts skills and all the gadgets his billions and billions of dollars can buy in order to defend his crime infested city.  Not only does he not have powers, but he refuses to kill any of the criminals he faces, and lets them go through due processes of law, making his job that much more difficult.

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  • diannatrang

    So who is your favorite? Most admired? I know it’s lame but I have always being the Hulk could be useful in getting students to do the right thing. Just wondering out loud.

  • darkanon

    My personal favorite is Thor because he can do pretty much anything he wants to do because he is a god. But I do think being the Hulk as a teacher would be fun. Students would not want to see you when you are angry.

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